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The development of a 3-year-old must educate for ‘Success’

Date: June 6, 2013 Author: admin Categories: About the Method

The development of a 3-year old in a playful nurturing environment, with the solving of systematic problems, and where there is a fixation on her successes allows for the development of feelings of self respect. It encourages the child not to give up when confronted with difficulties, but to say to herself, “This happened to me before, so I can make the right decision this time, too!”


Over 80% of study in school consists of mastering exact sciences, which requires the ability to think logically and abstractly, memorize information in numbers and symbols, and make rational decisions. And, of course, the student who is able to think, and is ready to make a mental effort, can be a successful learner.  The preparation of such a student is what the Bereslavsky developmental methodology is all about.


The famous psychologist, Professor Antonio Meneghetti said: “There is no such thing as an accident. In every success, a person must invest something of himself. When a person makes a 10-point investment into his future success, life will respond with 100 points of  good luck, and, of course, if there are faults in the development of the personality, 100 points of bad luck.” These words are one of the principles of the Bereslavsky methodology: “Make a timely investment in the future success of your child!


Much depends on how much a person values himself. A successful person strives to repeat success using the ability to judge, to be flexible and “think outside the box,” and to know when to “switch on” his mental capabilities to solve complex problems.