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Benefits & Testimonials


1 м

Timely development of mathematical abilities

2 м

Forms motivation for intellectual activity and interest in learning



5 м-1

5000 exercises, 80 mind games, 14 new subjects and teaching cards


Use of a unique intellectual simulator, unlike any other in the world.




Irina Matrenka (mother of Fedya and Senya) - Having noticed the definite effect of the Bereslavsky method on Fedya, we decided to take our younger son, Senya, who was one year, four months. Frankly speaking, I didn’t count on Senya being able to study because at home, I couldn’t even play one game with him for over three minutes because he wouldn’t sit still.

Olga Manuilova (mother of Fedya) - Fedya takes great pleasure in going to school. The studies are structured in such a way that the kids simply have no time to be bored: There are quick changes from one class to the next, a bit of physical activity, and then classes in the development of logical thinking, attention-span development, ingenuity and perseverance.

Ashurova (mother of Dina, 8 years old, 2nd grade) - We came to the Discovery School at 3 years of age. Dina really enjoyed going to classes and doing homework. There were some problems with contact with other kids and adults, but the teachers always found ways to solve them. Now Dina is in 2nd grade and is taking an additional class in English.