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Date: June 6, 2013 Author: admin Categories: Reviews & Publications

Tver’: Private Educational Institution “Harmony”


We are in our seventh year of working with the Bereslavsky method. Our graduates delight their parents with the results of their studies, especially in mathematics and technical sciences. Parents notice that children who have studied using the method are more sociable, independent and thoughtful, and have an increased level of cognitive activity.


Vladikavkaz: State Educational Institution “Erudite”


It is the opinion of the teachers of the primary school that children who study using the Bereslavsky method are distinct from others in their activity levels, the ability to understand what is substantive and most importantly, to formulate answers to posed questions with better developed logical thinking.

13 May 2004  R.S. Kalayeva


Vladikavkaz: Progymnasium “Intellect”


At “Intellect” Progymnasium, we run a system of additional education using the Bereslavsky method. Experimental research done by the Department of Physiology of the North Ossetia State University under the leadership of Associate Professor Z.T. Khatayeva, PhD showed the effectiveness of the Bereslavsky programme. Comparative results show that children who study using the Bereslavsky method, for such indicators as academic maturity, short-term memory, image memory, and comparison of concepts had results which were from 15 to 20% higher than those who do not.

15 May 2004 B.N. Galaova