About the Method


Date: June 6, 2013 Author: admin Categories: About the Method


According to psychologists at the Russian Ministry of Education and parents, children who have been trained by the System are characterised by:


  •    Sustained attention span
  •    Creative thinking
  •    Developed memory, including notional
  •    The ability to “act in the mind”
  •    Pursuit of intellectual activities
  •    Independent judgment
  •    High cognitive activity
  •    The ability to think logically and abstractly


Comparative testing of children 5 to 6 years of age after training with the Method with those from a regular kindergarten by means of well-known tests showed that those who used the Method displayed:


  •    Sustained concentration and attention of 2,7 times higher
  •    Visual memory of 1,3 times higher
  •    Productivity measured by proofreading tests for 1 minute were 2,2 times higher; for 10 minutes, 3,4 times higher
  •   The level of generalisation of the children was quite high


Children, having completed the programmes at the School of early intellectual education, once enrolled in school, display mental activity, and a pronounced interest in in all sorts activities and subjects.