About the Method

Goals and Objectives of the Method

Date: June 6, 2013 Author: admin Categories: About the Method

Goals and Aims

The Bereslavsky Method of childhood development allows for:


  •    An increase in interest in the learning process, and the formation of motivation toward intellectual activity in the future
  •    The active development of fine motor skills, attention span, memory, and logical, geometrical and creative thinking in conjunction with a child’s age
  •    The development of the intellectual skills necessary for successful learning in middle and high schools
  •    The development of a child’s mathematical skills


The School cultivates such qualities as self-reliance, persistence in achieving goals, the ability to analyze and think outside the box, and to think logically and abstractly.


Teaching chess to children is also a great aid in this process.


A child, a teenager, or an adult, who is able to solve problems with no inner tension, with interest, i.e. happily, will preserve his health, adapt to life more easily, and is ready to be rational and humane in his actions.


Child development by the Bereslavsky Method consists of the education and formation of the following personality qualities, which lead to the achievement of success:


  •    Good memory, especially of new concepts and images
  •    Development of the imagination
  •    Spatial reasoning
  •    The ability to “think outside the box”
  •    Associational thinking
  •    Logical thinking