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Developing feelings of self-esteem and self-confidence in the 3-year-old

Date: June 6, 2013 Author: admin Categories: About the Method

Any educational programme aimed at teaching kids should familiarise them with the world around us, prepare them for primary school, teach counting, reading and logical thinking. Are any of these programmes oriented towards the achievement of success in the future, in middle, or high school? And through success, to improvement, to feelings of  self-esteem and self-confidence? No. Those are not the goals of such programmes.


Development of a 3-year-old manifests itself by means of expressions of feelings of self-esteem. This feeling must be a priority, as it is the foundation upon which the rest of his life will be built.


A child with low self-worth has more difficulty solving his problems, as he is anxious from the start, and convinced he will make a mistake. The wasted energy and repeated mistakes lead to the appearance of neuroses, chronic illnesses and an inferiority complex by the beginning of primary school.


However, one must distinguish the feeling of self-worth gained from success from that feeling which arises due to parental training: “You’re the strongest, smartest, and most skilled, ” etc. In such a case, the child can say to himself, “If I am already so smart, what’s the point of studying?” or “I can hit someone because I’m so strong.” The child can realize himself through poor actions.